The Creative Writing Playbook

Coming June 13, 2023 from Andrews McMeel

Pre-order now from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or your local indie!

The Creative Writing Playbook is a SUPER FUN guided activity book for kids that inspires creativity!

All kids have a super awesome, super secret skill that’s tricky for grown-ups. It’s creativity! In this super fun and interactive activity book, kids will hone their creative skills and become a FANTABULOUS writer. From graphic novel creation to story starters, this book has it all. Plus, it’s narrated by The Creativity Creature, a creature that lives inside every kid and helps them navigate how best to be creative. The Creativity Creature gives tons of helpful creative tips, told in both prose and comic panels.

In this book, you’ll:

  • Build character arcs
  • Learn how to name characters
  • Interview characters
  • Draw story scenes
  • Create a plot pyramid
  • Make your own graphic novel panels

and a whole lot more!

This interactive activity book is great for aspiring writers, graphic novel creators, screenwriters, you name it! (Quite actually, name it, like you name your own characters!). From bestselling author Megan Wagner Lloyd and illustrator Madeline Garcia comes a whole world of creative writing fun.